Monday, February 13, 2012

Cities Mean Business

Cities, towns and businesses across South Carolina are celebrating “Cities Mean Business”  in February to encourage new and stronger collaboration between local elected leaders and the business community.  

Your local leaders are focusing on the many ways that strong cities and towns support economic growth of existing businesses and attract new businesses. Cities are magnets for good living, engines that drive commerce in South Carolina, and bridges to economic success.

Being a magnet for good living means developing and maintaining a community that has a strong positive quality of life for citizens. Quality of life is an essential element in attracting new businesses to Clinton, to Laurens County, to the Upstate, and to South Carolina. Cities and towns, including Clinton, work to maintain a pro-business atmosphere, create diversified economies, and commit to projects that enhance the quality of life in our community all in effort to make Clinton a great place to live and to do business. Future projects such as a new recreational facility, as well as current initiatives to improve the appearances of our parks and greenspaces as well as the enhancement of the buildings and sidewalks in our downtown district are all designed to develop, enhance, and promote a quality of life that appeals to residents and to the business community.

Clinton is a great place to live, but it is also an engine that drives local commerce. In Clinton, business can find the infrastructure needed to support a business and a productive work force ready to make things happen for business. The civic mindedness of our community leaders, the strong history of regional cooperation, and a favorable tax structure all work together to support the needs of the business community and to fund and provide needed infrastructure so that businesses can succeed in a global marketplace.

Clinton is a bridge to economic success for businesses because we are prepared to work to help business get from where they are to where they want to be. A community wide commitment to economic growth is apparent as Laurens County, the City of Clinton, the Laurens County Economic Development Corporation, the City of Clinton Economic Development Corporation, and the Laurens County Chamber of Commerce all work together to encourage economic growth and prosperity. New partnerships such as the Center for Entrepreneurial Development between the City of Clinton and Presbyterian College will result in opportunities for small business to meet new customers, develop new stratagies, and grow beyond their dreams.

A strong economy and the success of our state is a priority for business leaders as well as cities and towns. Working together through a positive partnership is critical for our hometown to move forward and prosper in the new knowledge economy. For the state to remain competitive with other states and nations, cities and towns must work together with businesses to ensure a positive quality of life and successful economy. Rest assured, your city realizes the role it must play for positive economic growth, development, and a successful business community. Your city leaders and city staff are ready to roll up their sleeves to make Clinton a great place to live, a great place to do business, and a great place to grow your business.  Clinton means business.