Thursday, September 20, 2012

Press Release

City of Clinton Names Director for Department of Community and Economic Development

Stephen Taylor Named to Critical Position
Clinton, SC, September 20, 2012:  City Manager Frank Stovall announced today that Stephen Taylor will be the City’s Director of Community and Economic Development. After a hiring process that lasted several months and attracted applicants from as far away as Alaska, the City Manager feels confident that Mr. Taylor, originally from Calhoun Falls, is the right person for the job.
 “Mr. Taylor brings a wide variety of experiences in economic development, communication, and business to our team.” said Frank Stovall, Clinton’s City Manager. “We are excited that he has decided to bring his talents to Clinton to be part of our organization and we look forward to working alongside Mr. Taylor to continue to make economic and community development a priority in our city.” continued Stovall.
Stephen Taylor holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the University of South Carolina and Masters of Business Administration from Southern Wesleyan University. Mr. Taylor served four years with the  United States Coast Guard and has worked in the telecom industry in support of economic development and customer service programs.  Mr. Taylor has also served as a decorated officer with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.
Mr. Taylor will be responsible for leading the city’s community development efforts, which include planning, zoning, projects that are designed to enhance the quality of life in the community, and providing staff support to the Planning Commission, the Board of Zoning Appeals, and the Design Review Board. Mr. Taylor will also be responsible for providing support for the city’s economic development efforts, including assisting the city manager and the Laurens County Development Corporation with recruiting and marketing the city as a great place to do business. Improving communication between the city and the public will also be a component of Mr. Taylor’s responsibilities.
“I’m excited to be offered the opportunity to join an excellent team of professionals at the City of Clinton and I look forward to working with our citizens and the City Manager to make the Mayor and Council’s goals of enhancing our business climate, promoting economic growth and improving communication between the city and our citizens a reality.” said Mr. Taylor.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

City of Clinton Names Director for Department of Administrative Services

Joey Meadors will lead the new Department of Administrative Services

Clinton, SC, September 5, 2012:  City Manager Frank Stovall announced today that Joey Meadors will be appointed to the position of Director of Administrative Services.  Mr. Meadors has worked for the City of Clinton for thirty three years in various positions. During his career with the City, Mr. Meadors has served as a draftsman, filter plant operator, warehouse clerk, procurement officer, managed the city’s vehicle maintenance program, and directed the city’s utility billing and customer service operation.

Mr. Meadors was instrumental in developing the procurement and purchasing program for the city and under his leadership it has grown to cover all the departments and divisions of the city. In 2003, Mr. Meadors began to play a critical role in writing the annual city budget. He has continued to play a key role in developing the budget for the past nine years. A Clinton native, Mr. Meadors is currently attending the South Carolina Economic Developer’s School because he realizes that the utility billing operation plays a key role in economic development in our community.

 “Mr. Meadors has an understanding of many of the key operations of our organization and is focused on improving customer service, enhancing the customer experience, and on making sure that public money is spent in the best, most efficient manner possible.” said Frank Stovall, Clinton’s City Manager. “We are excited that he has decided to accept this position as the Director of the Department of Administrative Services and I look forward to continuing to focus on improving our organization and improving customer service with Mr. Meadors leading the Department of Administrative Services.” continued Stovall.

Mr. Meadors will be responsible for managing utility billing, procurement, vehicle maintenance, and municipal court administration. In addition, he will play a key role in capital project management and developing the annual budget. Mr. Meadors’ current position, Fiscal Operations Specialist in Utility Billing, will be eliminated as part of the city’s transition to its new organizational structure.