Friday, January 9, 2015

City Manager's Weekly Report - Janaury 9, 2015

·        Cold Snap: Record low temperatures hit the city this week, and the DPS facility on North Broad Street was opened as an emergency warming station where citizens could get out of the weather, have a warm and safe place to rest, and get a warm drink. The facility has been open each day this week with a handful of citizens making use of the facility.

·        Interstate Accident: DPS was involved in the response and investigation of a severe collision and fire on I-26 involving two semi trucks early on January 9th. The accident resulted in the interstate being closed to traffic for approximately four hours and one fatality.

·        Law Enforcement Appreciation: Law Enforcement Appreciation Day was celebrated this week. DPW personnel cooked lunch for DPS personnel on Friday, and the students at Clinton Elementary School shared their appreciation for our DPS personnel through special drawings and artwork.  

·        Chamber Annual Dinner: The Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner is scheduled for January 15, and the City Manager met with Chairman Jeff Field and CEO Greg Alexander to review the plans for the dinner and meeting.

·        Monthly Munis Update: The MUNIS project team briefed the City Manager this week on the status of the software system conversion project. The General Ledger portion is complete, and the Payroll and HR system is now in use. The first use of the payroll system went well, except for a slight challenge making sure the correct tax tables were entered for employees.

·        Communications Contracts: The City of Clinton shifted the majority of its city issued cell phones to a new provider this week. The switch will reduce costs by $7,200 next year and by $37,000 over the next five years. In addition, the city has opened proposals and is reviewing the submitted proposals for two additional communications projects. One project would provide wi-fi access to parts of the central business district / downtown, and the second proposal will upgrade the radio system used by the Electric Distribution Division of the Department of Public Works.

·        Audit Committee Meeting: Every four years the City issues requests for proposals for independent auditing firms. The Audit Committee of City Council met this week and authorized the City Manager to issue the RFP.

·        Council Meeting: City Council met this week and:

o   Recognized Spirit of Christmas and Christmas Parade Award Winners

o   Received a report regarding the annual audit and approved a resolution accepting the audit and the report.

o   Approved the 2015 City of Clinton City Council Safety Statement, a Resolution endorsing the MASC Legislative Agenda, the annual City of Clinton City Council Meeting Calendar, and the 2015 budget calendar.

o   Authorized the procurement of a new in car camera system, body camera system, and fire engine for DPS, and approved a contract with Midlands Tech to create an entrepreneurial training program.

·        New Customer Interface: The City rolled out a new customer interface this month on its website. The City of Clinton Citizen Action Center allows citizens to get answers to questions and request service for everything from a streetlight replacement to much larger service requests. It also allows citizens to track their requests from the date it is made to the date it is completed. This “soft rollout” will be followed up by a marketing campaign to get the citizens to use the new system once we are sure all of the portions of the system have been found to be working correctly in a real world environment.

·        Business Licenses: Office of Finance and Budget staff began the annual business license process this month by mailing out renewal notifications to local businesses of record.
·        Budget Process: City staff are now well into the preparation process for the FY 15-16 budget. All department heads have received their capital planning worksheets and the Office of Finance and Budget is preparing O&M worksheets. Those involved in budget preparation will be utilizing the new MUNIS software system to prepare their budget. This will be the first year using the MUNIS system to prepare the city’s annual budget.