Sunday, January 18, 2015

City Manager's Weekly Report - January 16, 2015

·        City Office Closure / Sanitation Route Changes: The City of Clinton offices will be closed on Monday, January 19th, in honor the Martin Luther King Holiday. There will be no sanitation service that day, and those customers who are scheduled for Monday sanitation service will receive service on Tuesday, January 20th.

·        Project SWITCH: The City Manager kicked off Project SWITCH (Stop Working In The City Hall) this week by working in the fleet maintenance shop assisting personnel in servicing city vehicles. Each month in 2015, the City Manager will join a different employee and assist them for a few hours with their work. This allows front line employees and the city manager to interact and share information on how to improve city services for residents.

·        Radio Systems: A team of employees including the CITO, DPS personnel, DPW personnel, and OCM personnel are all working on improving radio communications between departments to help city employees respond better to a disaster and to improve daily communication. The first step will be to test a new communications system in the Electrical Division of the Department of Public Works. Personnel reviewed two possible solutions this week and will continue to work towards selecting, implementing, and testing a new radio system.

·        Sewer Consent Order: The City continues to work in response to the SCDHEC consent order regarding our sewer system and excess sanitary sewer overflows. The first step is to work with our consulting engineers, URS/AECOM to conduct a comprehensive audit of the system, including all records related to personnel, finance, management, maintenance, policies, procedures, work orders, and response plans. City personnel have two weeks to pull together five years worth of records in 106 different operational areas for the first audit review.

·        Economic Development Plan: Work continues on the economic development strategic plan. A review meeting between the staff and the consultant was held this week and strategic objectives and goals were reviewed by the team. The plan should be ready for public comment sometime in late March or April.

·        Residential Development: Community and Economic Development personnel are working closely with two developers seeking to build market rate apartments in the city. As these projects continue to develop, more information will be made available.

·        Customer Service Portal: We began a “soft roll out” of the customer service management system at the beginning of January. A soft roll out occurs when a new system is tested, but its availability is not heavily marketed so that personnel can test the system and its effectiveness. However, 34 citizens have already found and began to utilize the system at The system has already shown us that the average time between customer request and the time the order is completed is 2.2 days. This type of data will be critical in helping us better manage our customer response.

·        Budget Process: City staff are now well into the preparation process for the FY 15-16 budget. All department heads have received their capital planning worksheets and their O&M instructions. Those involved in budget preparation will be utilizing the new MUNIS software system to prepare their budget. This will be the first year using the MUNIS system to prepare the city’s annual budget.