Friday, January 30, 2015

City Manager's Weekly Report - January 30, 2015

·        Ceiling Repairs at Fire Substation: Public Safety personnel began making repairs to the celling at the Fuller Fire Substation this week with the goal of replacing the ceiling surfaces in the living quarters to improve energy efficiency and officer safety.
·        Welcome New Employees: Several new employees have joined our ranks recently. Whitney Clark has joined the Department of Administrative Services as a Customer Service Representative. Kelvin Hubert has joined the Department of Public Works as a Heavy Equipment Operator. Elbert Chapman has joined the Department of Public Works as a Water Treatment Plant Operator.
·        Equal Pay Errors: The Equal Pay utility calculation errors that were caused by a software update have been resolved. The utility billing staff were calculating all equal pay bills by hand due to a software error caused by a routine annual update by the software supplier. Now that this issue has been resolved, future bills will be issued by the utility billing system.
·        Procurement: The city will be purchasing an ATV and trailer using I&I funds to assist in getting sewer repair crews into areas along the right of ways that are currently not accessible. Also, a new police car, a 2015 Dodge Charger was delivered this week.
·        January Purchase Power Cost Adjustment: The PPCA for January has been calculated to be $0.006.
·        Davidson Street Shirt Plant: The owner of the Davidson Street Shirt Plant has applied to the city for a permit to demolish the derelict factory on Davidson Street.
·        New Businesses and Business Expansions: Hayes Ambulance Service has announced that they are relocating their business form Torrington Road to a location inside the city. Java Jo’s Diner has opened. Dempsey’s Pizza, Matt Davis Insurance, the Dialysis Center, and Laurens County Disabilities and Special Needs Board are all either constructing new facilities or expanding existing facilities inside the city.