Friday, January 23, 2015

City Manager's Weekly Update - Janaury 23, 2015

·        Smoke Detector Blitz: Teams of volunteers from the Department of Public Safety and the American Red Cross visited houses inside the City of Clinton and inside the City of Clinton Rural Fire District along Helen Street, Gumby Street, Hill Street, West Bluford Street, West Bluford Street Extension, East Bluford Street, and North Sloan Street Extension on Saturday, January 17th as part of the City’s first Smoke Alarm Blitz. Red Cross personnel and DPS personnel visited with residents, provided them with information on what to do in case of a fire, and tested residential smoke detectors. If a resident did not have a detector, or if they did not have enough detectors, personnel installed new ones. A total of 104 Smoke Detectors were installed.

·        Utility Scam: City personnel received word this week that some residents had been contacted by a person claiming to be a city employee. The residents were called over the phone and instructed to wire money to an address or they would be disconnected form utility service. The City does not require wires for utility payments, and promptly began an investigation. Local and regional media outlets were notified in an effort to warn our citizens to watch out for this utility scam.

·        Firefighter Training Program: The firefighter training program being conducted in partnership between the Department of Public Safety (DPS) and Clinton High School continues to be a big success. Our city facebook page features 55 pictures of the students participating in various training exercise as part of the program.

·        Equal Pay Billing Challenges: A scheduled update to by the software manufacturer to our current utility billing system, known as QS/1, failed to allow for the proper calculation of equal pay bills. Customers on the equal pay program received incorrect balance amounts. We are not the only utility affected, as other QS/1 users are reporting or anticipating similar problems. QS/1 is working on a fix, but in the meantime all equal pay bills are being calculated by hand by the Office of Utility Billing staff. All impacted customers have been notified of the problem. The QS/1 system will no longer be in use after the new utility billing software program is implemented in the latter part of 2015.

·        Utility Billing Conversion Pre-Kickoff: City staff are preparing for the upcoming conversion to the new Utility Billing Software Program by reviewing a lengthy list of required data and preparing answers to detailed questions form the new software vendor. The official project kickoff is scheduled for February 3rd, 2015.

·        Clinton Focus Newsletter: The next issue of Clinton Focus will begin to be distributed to all residents and customers next week. It features an article on the new Customer Service System and the last article in the “Meet Your Council Member” series.

·        Work Ready Region: The Upper Savannah Council of Governments announced in their newsletter that every county in the region has now achieved Work Ready status. This makes us part of the first Work Ready Region! The Work Ready program is a program that requires communities to meet certain workforce development benchmarks. Companies looking to relocate will see that we are “Work Ready” and know that our workforce is up to the task.

·        A Type Meter Conversion: The City has almost completed the A Type meter conversion portion of the full meter conversion plan. Approximately three dozen houses still had old direct wire “A Type” utility meters. These meter bases are so old that modern meters cannot be used without an adapter. The city provided adapters and has completed all but a handful of these conversions.