Friday, January 2, 2015

City Manager's Weekly Update - Janaury 5, 2015

·        Strategic Planning Meeting: Senior Staff conducted their annual budget kickoff meeting on December 29th during which each Senior Staff member presented a report on accomplishments, proposed future goals and objectives, and challenges that their department faces. The same data will be presented publicly at the January 5th, 2015, City Council workshop.
·        Audit Update: The auditor will present their findings to City Council on January 5th. The city has also prepared to the release a Request for Proposals for future auditing services, which will be released if approved by the Audit Committee of Council, which will meet on January 5th at 1 PM to review it.
·        City Council Meeting: City Council will meet at 6 PM on Monday, January 5th, to review and consider the following items:
o   Proclaiming January as Blood Donor Month and Birth Defect Prevention Month
o   Presenting the Annual Christmas Parade Awards and the Annual Spirit of Christmas Awards.
o   Reviewing the annual City of Clinton Employee Safety Statement
o   Reviewing and accepting the Annual Audit / CAFR
o   Setting the FY 15-16 Budget Calendar and the 2015 City Council Calendar
o   Reviewing procurement proposals for a new in car camera system and a new fire engine for DPS, as well as a proposed agreement between the City of Clinton and Midlands Technical College regarding training programs for small businesses.
·        City Council Strategic Planning Meeting: City Council will hold their annual strategic plan review meeting on January 5th at 2 PM during which they will hear reports from each city department, an update on the major goals and projects from FY 15 and a discussion of proposed initiatives for FY 16, a review of the AMR project, and a discussion of the results of the customer satisfaction survey.
·        Customer Service Survey Information: The entire results of the customer satisfaction survey, as well as the city’s “C.P.R.” plan to improve the customer experience will be presented to council for consideration on January 5th.
·        Election: Filing for the March municipal elections has closed. The following individuals filed to run:

·        Bob McLean
·        Danny Cook
Ward 2
·        Shirley Jenkins
Ward 4
·        Eddie McGee
·        Gary Kuykendall
Ward 6
·        Jeff Smith
·        Jimmy Young

·        Grant News: DPS has applied for several grants lately, including additional personnel, new LiveScan computer systems, and new SCBA gear, a fire engine, and a cascade system.
·        MUNIS Update: The payroll portion of the Munis system goes live on January 5th. The Munis team has done an outstanding job managing this project.