Friday, February 27, 2015

City Manager's Weekly Report: February 27, 2015

·       Chamber of Commerce Update: The Laurens County Chamber of Commerce met this week to discuss routine businesses. The discussion included an update on the Davenport Scholarship program, a discussion of the new efforts to improve Lake Greenwood through Connect Lake Greenwood, and the impact various bills being considered by the legislature will have on the community.

·       Rhythm on the Rails: City staff continue to plan for the inaugural “Rhythm on the Rails” festival in downtown Clinton on May 16th.

·       Beautify Laurens County: The City Manager, Public Safety Director Robin Morse, and several other community leaders spoke at a Press Conference regarding the impacts that litter has on our community on Tuesday. Law Enforcement Agencies county-wide are committed to writing tickets and prosecuting litterers and those involved in illegal dumping as part of our county wide effort to clean up Laurens County.

·       Martha Dendy Park: City personnel met with the contractors this week for the final walk through of the Martha Dendy property.  Several punch list items were identified. The next steps are to secure an architect to assist in planning out the rehab of the remaining part of the building.

·       Vehicle Acquisitions: The city is in the process of acquiring two service trucks for the Department of Public Works. One is a service truck equipped with a crane for pulling and maintaining subsurface sewer pumps. The other is a utility service truck to support the electric division. The city also took delivery this week of two Ford Explorer Police Interceptors.

·       John Dowdle Reception: A reception honoring longtime City Council Member John Dowdle was held this week. Mr. Dowdle was presented with a proclamation honoring his service, key to the city, and a United States Flag from Congressman Jeff Duncan’s office.

·       Lydia Mill Sewer Line Replacement: A public hearing was held this week by the City of Clinton, the Upper Savannah Council of Governments, and the Laurens County Water and Sewer Commission regarding the LCWSC and the City of Clinton’s joint application for CDBG funding to perform sewer rehabilitation and upgrades in the Lydia Mill neighborhood.

·       MASC Award Presentation: City staff will be presenting information regarding the Clinton High School Fire Devils Training Program to MASC staff as we compete for a Municipal Achievement Award on Monday.  

·       General Fund Reserve: For the first time in 15 years, the City’s General Fund Reserve Balance is in excess of $1 million dollars. Most experts recommend a general fund reserve equal to 90 to 180 days of operating costs, and in the case of Clinton that would be a sum between $1.5 and $3.1 million. While the city still has a long way to go to ensure that it has adequate operating reserves, we are moving closer to financial stability each day.

·       Dilapidated Structure Demolitions: The Inspections and Planning personnel continue to meet success in the removal of dilapidated structures. Three dilapidated structures are currently in the process of removal.