Thursday, March 19, 2015

City Manager's Report - March 13, 2015

Budget: After a long week of fine tuning the budget, the document draft will be distributed Monday to members of City Council. A draft will also be placed on the city website. The budget is balanced and includes no electric utility rate increase for the first year in many years.
Fiber System Expansion: The City of Clinton met with Presbyterian College this week to discuss expanding the city’s fiber network. The network allows for interested parties willing to invest in fiber equipment to utilize an optical fiber network for date, internet, and telephone.
Economic Development Strategic Plan: Final drafts of the proposed economic development strategic plan are in hand, and the plan will be presented to the Clinton Economic Development Corporation on March 31st and to City Council in May.
Pole Attachment Fees: The City notified other utilities utilizing City of Clinton poles that it intends to renegotiate the pole attachment fee structure. Previous attempts at renegotiating the structure were unsuccessful, so the city has retained legal counsel to assist.
Business License Bill: The City Manager attended a Municipal Association of South Carolina meeting regarding proposed legislative changes to the business license program. If the proposed bill passes, the city would lose over $750,000 annually, resulting in significant operational reductions.
Spotlight on Agriculture: The annual Clemson Extension Laurens County Spotlight on Agriculture dinner was held this week. Congratulations to Clinton High School educator Annette Vaughn who received the e horticulturalist of the year award for her work at Clinton High School.
Annual Statewide Tornado Drill: The City participated in the annual statewide tornado drill this week. All departments practiced their tornado response plans and reviewed emergency protocols for post tornado operations.
Project SWITCH: The second Project SWITCH (Stop Working in the City Hall) day was held this week. The city manager spent several hours riding along with PSO Shane Harris to observe public safety