Friday, December 11, 2015

An Update From City Hall

·        Christmas Events: Christmas is in full swing in Clinton. The Christmas parade was held last weekend and most citizens commented positively on the extended route. The annual Magic Christmas Box contest to promote downtown shopping was won by Racheal Killingsworth. The City Employee Christmas Dinner was held this week, and Santa’s Cause continued all week. Santa’s Cause is our annual fire and electrical safety program for elementary school children. Nearly 500 children will meet Santa, and learn about fire and electrical safety from his “helpers” this week.

·        Employee Awards: This week our annual service awards and employee awards were presented.

Years of Service
5 Years
10 Years
15 Years
25 Years
30 Years
35 Years
Ryan Garrett
Public Safety Officer
Michael Addison
Edna Barker
Customer Service Representative
Scott Morgan
Water & Sewer Division Manager
Tim Rogers
Operations Specialist
Del Snelgrove
Code Enforcement Officer
Phillip Wicker
Renee Morrow
Chief Financial Officer
Tink Barnes
Building Official
Tammy Templeton
City Clerk
Kevin Snelgrove
Electric Division Manager
Crystal Roberts
Deputy Director

Employee Awards
Customer Service Employee of the Year
Alex Cruickshanks - DPW
Alex worked tirelessly through an employee shortage in the Water Treatment Division and implemented a new hydrant flushing plan that reduced customer complaints related to hydrant flushing.
Silent “T” Award
Lt. Cathy Anderson – DPS
The Silent “T” Award is given out annually to the employee that is recognized and nominated by their peers for their effort during the year.
Innovation Award
Sgt. Matt Metz – DPS
Chad Hester - DPW
Sgt. Metz implemented a drug dog program and Chad Hester led the effort to refurbish the Christmas Lights.

·        City Council Meeting: City Council held their December meeting this week and among other business, authorized the creation of a round up program for utility bills, adjustments to the sanitation routes, and created a utility billing advisory group.

·        Project Opportunity: County Council passed first reading of an ordinance to support a joint economic development project code named “Opportunity”. The county vote was for the project, 7 to 0.

·        Design Review Board: The Design Review Board met this week and approved a new window sign for Steamers Restaurant.

·        Utility Rate Response Plan: An updated progress report to the Utility Rate Response Plan was issued this week. In addition, city staff participated in a conference call with PMPA and PMPA’s Washington advisory firms to discuss potential federal program that could be used to provide rate relief. The representatives will be meeting with staffers from other federal offices in the coming weeks to discuss potential solutions to our challenges.