Friday, January 6, 2017

Saving You Some Money and Keeping Employees Safe - What Could Be Better Than That?

By Robin Entrekin - Director of Human Resources and Risk Management

The Experience Modifier Rate (EMR) used by insurance companies can have a monumental effect on Workers’ Compensation premiums.  Much like a homeowner pays a higher premium after filing a claim, the EMR is used by insurers to determine an organization’s workers compensation premium based on the number and severity of claims. 
For instance, if your EMR is 1.25, where 1 is the industry standard, then you would pay an additional 25% increase in premiums.  Likewise, if your EMR is .97, you would pay 3% less in premiums.

Due to our employees’ dedication to the city’s comprehensive safety and risk management program, the City of Clinton will enjoy an EMR of .9 renewal versus 1.05 last year; or a 15% reduction in premiums.  This means thousands of dollars in savings that will go to offset routine increases and put additional taxpayer’s dollars to better use for our citizens.